About Code+Design Initiative e.V.

Code+Design is a non-profit organisation, that wants to reach out to inquisitive young people, and encourage them to explore the field of technology.
In order to accomplish this, we are organizing Code+Design Camps in various locations throughout Germany.

At the Code+ Design Camps we want to give young adults the chance to work on exciting hardware and software projects and to learn more about new technologies while developing their skills under the guidance of professional coaches.

Our goal is not to simply teach the things, that we think you should learn, but rather have you first identify what you would like to accomplish and why, so that we can help you figure out the how.

Code+Design is not only focusing on technical skills, but gives you a place to strengthen your social skills as well, as you need to work together in teams to turn your idea into a working prototype or concept.

Thanks to our great supporters, we are also able to give you the opportunity to ask industry professionals all the questions that can help you better understand which profession to choose for yourself.

This year we were able to reach over 650 participants attending one of 8 Camps in 6 different cities. The individual teams developed over 80 projects.
Next year we want to be able to organize 12 Camps and we are already working on a format for community meetups to shorten the time between camps.